VoltSafe Winter Magnetic Block Heater Plug

$119.99 USD


Have you ever driven away with your block heater cord still plugged in, have trouble plugging in your extension cord at sub-zero temperatures or simply want to control your plug from your smartphone?  If any of this is true, VoltSafe Winter is for you.

The VoltSafe Winter App

Control your plug with the VoltSafe App available on iOS and Android. Use the app to set up an automatic start time for your block heater to save time, save money, and save energy.

Note: You do not need the app for the plug to function. When the VoltSafe Winter is not paired to the app it functions in standard mode (power flows when connected and turns off when disconnected). The app connects to the VoltSafe Winter via Wi-Fi. You need to be in proximity to the Winter plug to calibrate and set the on/off times.

Available for download now:


Available for download now:

What's in the box?

  • One VoltSafe Winter Magnetic Block Heater Plug (active and passive sides)
  • Instruction manual
  • Three zip ties
  • One adhesive foam pad